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From organic farming
Net weight : 0,2 kg
Cooking : 45 mn


Priméal sourdough is made from spelt ground into flour, then hydrated and fermented. Adds texture and flavour to your breads.


Dehydrated and devitalized spelt sourdough* (GLUTEN) from natural fermentation, selected yeast*.

* organically grown

Detailed preparation advice

By hand: Mix 500 g flour + 8 g salt + 25 g organic spelt sourdough powder (= 2.5 heaped tablespoons) + approx. 350 ml warm water (approx. 28°C). Knead for about ten minutes to obtain a soft but not sticky dough. Leave to stand for 30 minutes in a bowl covered with a damp cloth. Take the dough and slightly push out the air that has entered to form your loaf. Cover the dough again and let it continue to ferment in a room at 20°C for at least 2 hours and then cook in a hot oven (220-230°C) for about 45 minutes. In a bread machine: pour the ingredients into the bowl and follow the longest programme (at least 3 hours)

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Nutritional values

Energy value 1 483 kj / 352 kcal
Fat content
of which saturated fatty acids
3,9 g
0,6 g
of which sugars
55,4 g
0,1 g
Fibers 13,9 g
Protein 16,8 g
Salt 0,4 g

Additional information

Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, close the bag tightly

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